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After-school K-5 Robotics Classes In Westchester County

It’s only normal for children to express their interest in a lot of things at a young age. Thus, as a parent, it makes sense to give them a variety of choices. Introducing kids to new technology is a great way to trigger their interest and creativity. Enrolling them in an after school robotics class in Westchester County will expose K-5 children to a lot of possibilities and allow them to expand their horizons. Exposing young kids to fun, hands-on activities with technology is a great way to spark interests that can last a lifetime and expose their natural strengths and endless potential.

After-school classes in math, robotics, and coding help develop early problem solving skills and creativity. They offer boys and girls a chance to create things from their imagination. Along with that, these activities enhance social skills from communicating and socializing in groups while expanding their critical thinking limits. If you happen to live in Westchester County, the after school technology classes are a great chance to make the most out of the gradeschool years

Hudson Lab School's after school robotics for Grades K-5 will push your children to their full potential.

  • All materials are provided.

  • Instructor Dmitry Kupov teachers kids about the basics of robotics, mechanical engineering, and physics through live, hands-on experiments.

  • Mathematics is used to predict results.

  • Projects are structured around math problems that kids solve through programming robots and creating new kind of technology.

  • Children develop social and leadership skills while creating bonds with others.

  • Children develop public speaking skills as they introduce their successfully-made projects, explain their features, and demonstrate how they work.

  • Children learn how technology can contribute to society and people's well-being.

Hudson Lab School is very happy to announce that classes will be available with Thursday and Friday sessions.

The Thursday class will start on January 17 and last until June 6. That session will meet a total of 19 times in six months.

Friday classes will start on January 18 and will end on June 7. They will meet 17 times. Classes run from 3:30-6:00 pm.

To enroll your child in after-school robotics classes, go to

How Does K-8 Program Work In A Project-based Learning School In Westchester County?

It has always been said that kids hold the future. Thus, providing them the education that would give out the best in them is definitely every parent’s responsibility. Classroom-based education is still a trend in local schools. However, it’s a good thing that there are some schools who are trying to break this tradition for good. Policy makers and educationists are starting to see the great potential of project-based learning especially in K-8 programs in Westchester County, New York.

Every parent knows that it is critically important for every child to have a great introduction when it comes to developing the basics of knowledge.  Children must be able to focus on expanding their heir problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Choosing the school program and curriculum for your child would be definitely hard.

The K-8 Curriculum

K-8 programs or basically known as elementary-middle school curriculum started in 2007 in the United States particularly, in some parts of New York such as Westchester County. It was an attempt to improve the education system and improve the academic performance of each child. Having all the students from pre-K to elementary school K-5/6, up to junior high 6/7-8, all in one environment allows them to focus on their studies. However, considering the fast-changing world, do you think that a school with a K-8 program which uses traditional classroom-based education is what your kids need?

On Focus: Project-based Learning

The combination of project-based learning and K-8 programs sounds definitely enticing. This kind of learning approach integrates the child’s capability to do and think what they think is right in the most natural way using projects and actual activities. Our current world is congested with complex problems and letting children undergo through project-based learning program is like training them for the future.

Through using projects, students are given the chance to think by their own and with proper guidance, they are led to desirable results. Each project is made to help children in:

  • Discovering their physical knowledge and develop them in the most natural way.

  • Making the most of technology. Project-based learning uses a modern approach on how every child can excel in their field of interest.

  • Developing every individual’s problem-solving skills. Children undergo through different stages of problem-solving that allow them to enhance their ability to observe, research, survey, report, communicate, investigate, collaborate, socialize, present and act as a leader.

  • Choosing their field of interests. Complex world problems continue to arise but a single individual is not required to solve it all. Project-based learning helps every child to find and focus on their chosen field. Projects will vary based on the child’s interest only and

  • Upgrade the child’s creativity. Each project is given based on real-world situations to catch and provoke the children’s creativity up to its limits.

Project-based learning had a lot more benefits than we could think of. With the use of different projects and approach for each child, they are given a chance to bloom in their own ways. If you are interested in enrolling your child on school which offers a K-8 program and state-of-the-art project-based learning curriculum, Hudson Lab School is one click away:

The Advantages Brought by Project Based Learning in Westchester Country

Westchester County is one of the most populous counties of New York. According to the census, this county is home to 949,113 people. Despite its significant population, the- county still give enough attention to their education system.  Their schools belong to the list of the best not only in New York but in the whole country. Based on registration, 28 out of the top 100 school districts in New York are in Westchester County. One of these best schools is the Hudson Lab School, which offers a Project-Based Learning system in Westchester County. This educational approach allows students to develop their skills at a young age, preparing them well for the future.

What Makes Project Based Learning One of the Best Options for your Child?

When we are talking about the preparation for the next generation, education is our first concern. In our modern society, traditional learning is now a challenge since we are in a world where complexity in society and our lives take place. Experts have now developed a learning system where they can catch the attention and open the eyes of the students.

Project-based learning is a new method that focuses on improving problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking. It is an inquiry-based process where one student must learn how to solve a problem using a practical and active style of learning.

This project consists of resources, the scope of work, and the students are given the responsibility and trust to perform their methods. In our world where complexity is present, allowing kids to make their judgment and decision are some of the best ways to prepare them for the real problems in the world.

Top reasons why every parent must consider embracing this project-based learning method:

1. It determines the actual knowledge of the student

This method allows the students to show their understanding because of the longer length of experience in learning to compare to the traditional classroom approach.

2. Preparing the children to solve real-life problems

Project-based learning enables the student to face the real issues through their projects which are based mostly on real-life problems.

3. Interpersonal skills development

This method has a significant impact on a child’s interpersonal skills. Assigned projects are more difficult compared to the activities given in a traditional classroom environment. The students are required to exert more effort and creativity in doing their assignments. They are also provided with the initiative to analyze everything, and to prepare their reports and findings. In the different project’s stages, they develop their communication skills essential in collaborating with other people.

4. Creativity and Concept Improvement

This method allows a greater understanding of the subject compared to the traditional one which then results to the higher level of student’s creative development. The learning approach in this method proved to be more effective to catch the attention and get their interest to improve the thinking level required in applying new knowledge in solving a problem.

5. Scope

It is one of the best reasons why we should go for this method. It is because this method enables the learner to adapt and learn the structures within the project rather than the lecture and writing-reading assignments used in the traditional-based learning.

Be future ready! Try Hudson Lab School now!

Nowadays, it is more effective to give the students a project rather than letting them sit in their class. This system enables them to learn on their own, go out on their own and allow them to understand the topic firsthand. If you want to try it now, contact Hudson Lab School today!

Choosing the Best Private School for your Child in Westchester County

Westchester County is renowned for the high quality of education. The learning institutions focus on the alternative learning system which makes them as one of the top-tier school districts in New York and in the United States. One of the schools with high-quality education on the list is the Hudson Lab School, a Private School in Westchester County. This school created a new way of learning and an environment that focuses on the needs of the students, especially in this more complex society.

As a parent, we want nothing but the best things for our child. Choosing the best school suited for your child’s need is surely a choice you don’t want to be wrong. On the other hand, there are parents who are still clueless when it comes to choosing the school for their kids.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should choose Hudson Lab School in preparing your child’s future:

1. Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are passionate and qualified about the topics and subjects and holding a higher degree in their own field. You children will surely develop a stronger relationship with the teachers who also serve as their role model.

2. Safe Learning Environment

We have the reputation of keeping the high standard for respect and discipline in Hudson Lab School. As much as possible we allow the lower teacher-to-student ratio to have a more secure and effective control of the children and the school grounds as well.

3. Extracurricular Activities

We encourage the participation of your kids in the extracurricular activities which includes the arts, music, sports and different clubs. Their involvement helps your child in their studies to become more motivated to learn and focus. These extracurricular activities also serve as their break in the stresses of their academic subjects while improving their skills and taking their part in an important social situation.

4. Enriched Academic Aspect

One of the benefits that we can impart to your child’s future is to provide an exceptional way in developing your child’s skills. Most of our students have high scores on standardized tests as well as the college entrance examination. Our enriched academic subjects allow the students to gain more knowledge that goes along in pursuing their future career.

5. Parental Involvement

We believe that the family is considered as one of the most important factors in student learning. That’s why we come up to the idea of involving the parents in some of our activities. Parents and children are both benefactors of this method. The parents will become more committed to their kid’s school and the students have a higher tendency of higher grades and higher self-esteem.

The parental involvement highly depends on you and the time you can give to help out. It also depends on your experiences and talents. All you need to do is to observe and know where you can be fit. In an instance where the school needs a companion for a field trip, then that is your time to show your great team player side.

6. Resources

In our schools, we have different resources enough to support student learning. Our high-quality resources give the students the opportunity to explore their talents and interest in order for them to be future ready.

7. Make your child ready for today and tomorrow’s world

We offer different kinds of specialization making your child ready for tomorrow’s challenges. We are responsible for producing the leaders in society and business. We really focus and think your child’s future that’s why we are supporting them with their interest and talents. We want to make their dreams turn into reality.

Most of the parents are choosing the right school suited for their child’s need which is very important in this ever-changing world. Check out Hudson School Lab today to know why we are the best private school for your kids. Let us help you and your child be future ready by motivating and engaging them in different activities.