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Education Reimagined: A Conversation with Cate Han and Stacey Seltzer

My hope is that parents can strip away the fear of not conforming and reframe their thinking from “I hope my child will not fail in life” to “I hope my child will thrive in life.”

June 4, 2019


Digital Promise: How to Create Powerful Intergenerational Learning Experiences

Our teacher Kim Mishkin discusses how she creates powerful learning experiences through intergenerational connections and project-based learning.

June 27, 2019


The Rivertowns Enterprise: Outdoors Indoors

Students at the Hudson Lab School, a project-based elementary school located at Andrus on Hudson, unveiled a new nature nook for the nursing home’s residents last Tuesday, June 11. For the project, the school raised $4,250 through the website GoFundMe.


My World 360: United Nations & Digital Promise select Hudson Lab School Film for 360º Story Lab Media Collection

Our teachers Kate Williamson and Nick Johnson lead kindergarteners and first graders in their first 360 film production. Their film "Bringing Nature to the Grands" is selected by the United Nations and Digital Promise to be featured in the 360º Story Lab’s media collection.

April 23, 2019


Kim Mishkin selected as HP Teaching Fellow

Our teacher Kim Mishkin was selected as an HP Teaching Fellow, part of HP’s and Microsoft’s Reinvent the Classroom initiative.

March 8, 2019