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Summer 2019 Information Coming Soon!

9:30 am - 3:30 pm

July 1 - August 16, 2019

Hudson Lab School has an amazing summer day camp for Grades K-5. Children split their days Tinkering Outdoors, Making Indoors, and Connecting with Nature. With the freedom to fail, the time to persevere, and constraints to breed creativity and foster problem-solving, kids learn to trust themselves and their curiosity at Camp Hudson. Check out some of our summer fun from 2017 including Carnival Week, Space Week, Harry Potter Week or Earth Week.

Daily Format: Tinkering, Nature and Making

Grouped by age, Camp Hudson campers spend the entire week with one of our fun and caring counselors and move among our 3 activity areas run by our expert specialists. Children collaborate on a group tinkering project and have the option of working individually or in groups in our garden, in the woods or in our air-conditioned maker space. In each of these areas, we give children the freedom to play or deep dive into learning.



In the spirit of Gever Tully’s Tinkering School in San Francisco, we spend each week on a large scale, collaborative group project using real tools and lots of grit. With the support of our teachers, kids discuss, ideate, design, build and test an ambitious tinkering project that captures the excitement and fun of invention. 



Camp Hudson takes full advantage of Andrus on Hudson’s 26 gorgeous acres. We build and play in our wild playscape in the woods, we run around in the open fields, and we get down and dirty in the garden where we learn about food and sustainability. Our outdoor program emphasizes a connection with nature through immersive exploration.




An indoor maker space gives kids a choice among tech and tactile activities like art, coding with SCRATCH, circuitry, storytelling, reading, robotics and more. Kids will be able to design and maintain a summer blog, sharing their activities with friends and family. This is a space where kids can explore their interests!

Summer 2018 Weekly Themes

June 25 Game Week

We’re building a life-sized board game / obstacle course on the lawn. In the spirit of Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, players must complete a mix of riddles, history trivia and physical challenges to complete this game. 


July 2 Pirate & Sea Creatures Week

Set sail in the large wooden ship we will build, but beware the fantastical sea creature built with our artists-in-residence from Brooklyn. 


July 9 Mini Golf Week

It’s time to bring Putt-Putt back. We’re building a mini golf course, each with its own gravity design challenge and perhaps a simple machine or two. 


July 16 Space Week

Space Week is back! This summer we’re heading to Mars by building a space ship and preparing all the things an astronaut needs in outer space. 


July 23 Harry Potter Week

We’re heading back to Hogwarts and the magical world of Harry Potter. Meet you at Platform 9 3/4! 


July 30 Forces in Motion Week

What’s better than a satisfying Rube Goldberg machine? A giant Rube Goldberg out on the lawn. This week is going to be messy. 


Aug 6 Superhero Week

Dreams of being a superhero come to life this week as kids design and become their own superhero characters. What’s your superhero origin story?


Aug 13 Mechanical Animals Week

What can we apply from animal physiology to help us build better?

The Team

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My writing and drawing have gotten better since coming to Camp Hudson.
— 4th grade maker