How Does K-8 Program Work In A Project-based Learning School In Westchester County?

It has always been said that kids hold the future. Thus, providing them the education that would give out the best in them is definitely every parent’s responsibility. Classroom-based education is still a trend in local schools. However, it’s a good thing that there are some schools who are trying to break this tradition for good. Policy makers and educationists are starting to see the great potential of project-based learning especially in K-8 programs in Westchester County, New York.

Every parent knows that it is critically important for every child to have a great introduction when it comes to developing the basics of knowledge.  Children must be able to focus on expanding their heir problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Choosing the school program and curriculum for your child would be definitely hard.

The K-8 Curriculum

K-8 programs or basically known as elementary-middle school curriculum started in 2007 in the United States particularly, in some parts of New York such as Westchester County. It was an attempt to improve the education system and improve the academic performance of each child. Having all the students from pre-K to elementary school K-5/6, up to junior high 6/7-8, all in one environment allows them to focus on their studies. However, considering the fast-changing world, do you think that a school with a K-8 program which uses traditional classroom-based education is what your kids need?

On Focus: Project-based Learning

The combination of project-based learning and K-8 programs sounds definitely enticing. This kind of learning approach integrates the child’s capability to do and think what they think is right in the most natural way using projects and actual activities. Our current world is congested with complex problems and letting children undergo through project-based learning program is like training them for the future.

Through using projects, students are given the chance to think by their own and with proper guidance, they are led to desirable results. Each project is made to help children in:

  • Discovering their physical knowledge and develop them in the most natural way.

  • Making the most of technology. Project-based learning uses a modern approach on how every child can excel in their field of interest.

  • Developing every individual’s problem-solving skills. Children undergo through different stages of problem-solving that allow them to enhance their ability to observe, research, survey, report, communicate, investigate, collaborate, socialize, present and act as a leader.

  • Choosing their field of interests. Complex world problems continue to arise but a single individual is not required to solve it all. Project-based learning helps every child to find and focus on their chosen field. Projects will vary based on the child’s interest only and

  • Upgrade the child’s creativity. Each project is given based on real-world situations to catch and provoke the children’s creativity up to its limits.

Project-based learning had a lot more benefits than we could think of. With the use of different projects and approach for each child, they are given a chance to bloom in their own ways. If you are interested in enrolling your child on school which offers a K-8 program and state-of-the-art project-based learning curriculum, Hudson Lab School is one click away: