The Innovative Educational System of Private Schools in Yonkers, New York

Situated along the Hudson River, Yonkers is the famous gateway between the Hudson Valley and New York City. It is the fourth largest city in the Big Apple. This thriving community is home to a nice mix of residential and commercial establishments. However, in the last decade, one of the most notable developments in this city is its educational system. As educators and learning institutes work together to enhance the traditional methods of teachings, more and more private schools keen to introduce project-based learning appear in the area. Among these institutes is the Hudson Lab School which aims to raise kids ready and confident to face their future.

How do private schools in Yonkers implement the modern method of teaching?

While there is no doubt that the traditional method of teaching the younger generation of today is still critical to developing academic skills, project-based learning proved to be a tough comparison. Parents in Yonkers have seen the positive effects, and this realization led them to enroll their kids in private school which had already adopted the project-based learning system.

Below are the most common principle being practiced at private schools, especially in Hudson Lab School.

Teachers do not punish students for making mistakes.

If a child is fearful of making any mistake, the more likely will he or she avoid thinking outside the limitations. If kids show signs of frustration after experiencing failures, they will be encouraged to ponder on their mistakes and to view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Instead of calling him off for his mishaps, the teachers will find helpful activities that can help them find the lesson from the negative experience.

Being messy in activities is a sign of creativity.

Before, teachers avoid creative activities thinking that the kids will make the classroom messy. In project-based learning, kids are free to use the whole place and all the available resources until a task is done. Gradually, the teachers will encourage the students to clean up the mess, happy and satisfied from the day’s accomplishment.

Project-based learning encourages independent thinking.

Too often, parents are reluctant to trust their kids thinking that they are still young enough. At Hudson Lab, we allow the students to learn life skills. Although washing the dishes or cleaning the garden seemed to be absurd tasks, the discipline, and feeling of contentment that your kid gets knowing they’ve been entrusted small tasks to do is a great way to level them up for more significant responsibilities.

Since the inception of private schools in Yonkers, project-based learning spread like wildfire. More and more youth become committed to their goals and dreams in life. Having educators who aspire them to achieve their highest potential without the need to lock them up in a room and make them memorize a whole book is something that must be nurtured for long.