Every child is unique and so is their journey to success

Hudson Lab School empowers every child through personalized learning. By giving children the freedom to follow their curiosity and supporting their interests through interdisciplinary project-based learning and high quality academics, we celebrate each child's unique character and help propel his or her learning. Our goal is to instill a love of learning and to teach children how to design and build a life in which they can thrive. 
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The engagement of an authentic audience underscores the value of what is explored in school and its connection to daily life. Guided reflection enables the transfer of skills, knowledge and understanding to other contexts and future challenges.


Curiosity drives learning as students reframe questions, draft plans and imagine solutions. With teacher facilitation, investigations lead to meaningful understanding and skill-building across content areas. Unique and diverse projects emerge as expressions of project-based learning.

Exploration of the community, environment and wider world leads to inquiry. Wonder and personal connection serve as springboards for tackling big questions centered around major themes and real-world problems.

In the Classroom

Our interactive classroom provides opportunities to engage individual learners. 
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What you are doing is groundbreaking, and I hope the field of education will begin to move in this direction.

— Assistant Principal,
NYC Public School

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•   Personal and social responsibility
•   Self-reliance and grit
•   Adaptability and resilience
•   Iterative learning
•   Collaboration and communication
•   Critical and creative thinking
•   Problem-solving and innovation

•   Awareness of self and others
•   Cross-cultural understanding and community involvement
•   Determining the most appropriate tool for the task
•   Embracing the complexity of whole systems
•   Storytelling for change
•   Project management


Why do some students fail and other students succeed?

In her TED Talk, MacArthur genius Angela Lee Duckworth explains the secret to outstanding achievement. It's not talent, but a special blend of passion and persistence she calls "grit".

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How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off

New York Times article about talent and originality and how they are difficult to encourage but easy to thwart.

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Open House Webinar

Join us for our Open House Webinar. From the comfort of your home, learn about Hudson Lab School, the benefits of Project-Based Learning, and why our students love school. 

Wednesday, June 6th at 6:30 pm

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Meet incoming Head of School Mara Pauker

Join us for coffee and conversation with our incoming Head of School Mara Pauker. Mara was a Founding Teacher at the Blue School in Manhattan and is currently serving as the Founding Head of School at the AltSchool Brooklyn campus. For the past four years, Mara has contributed to AltSchool Brooklyn's design and build out, established a vision, recruited teachers and students, built a school-based community, supported families, and overseen school wide pedagogy. Given her warmth, professionalism, deep knowledge of project-based learning aligned with curriculum standards, and experience building schools, we feel incredibly lucky to have Mara joining our community! 

Wednesday, May 30 at 9 am