School Videos

The Lower Elementary students of Hudson Lab School displayed found natural objects, overhead projections and their own virtual reality videos to bring nature to the Grands who can’t get outside as much. Watch this 360 video featured by the United Nations and Digital Promise in their 360 Media Gallery.

The Upper Elementary students pitch an idea to the board of Andrus on Hudson and crowdfund over $4000 to convert a boring space into a nature nook by bringing in plants and peaceful imagery and sounds of nature so that the Grands who can't go outside much can enjoy the benefits of nature indoors.

Watch how the Lower Elementary students of Hudson Lab School discover their identities and emotions through art and data as they curate a museum exhibition.

What happens when you give kids the keys to their own learning? The Upper Elementary students of Hudson Lab School learn about themselves and how they learn best and make a documentary about it.

Watch how the students of Hudson Lab School's Upper Elementary class learned storytelling, collaboration and self-awareness in the process of making a documentary.

Hudson Lab School's 2018 winter project was to create simple solutions to improve the lives of the senior residents of Andrus on Hudson. Students used the Design Thinking process to work through how to create their projects.

What does project-based learning looking like? Joyful and engaging!