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Woods to Wired Teaching Fellowship

The Woods to Wired Teaching Fellowship is for educators and admin-istrators seeking to incorporate personalized learning, the Design Thinking process and technology into their curriculum planning. Brought to you by Hudson Lab School and WhyMaker, this fellowship is designed to work with school teams of 2 or more educators and will include a 3-day summer camp workshop and ongoing coaching during the 2018-19 school year. 

August 7 - 9, 2018

About this fellowship

This fellowship is all about Learning by Doing. You'll be coached through the process of “hacking curriculum” for your own classroom by mapping standards to interdisciplinary projects, designing options for personalized learning, taking your class through the Design Thinking process to learn how to approach real-world problems with empathy, grit and and creativity, and testing out new technologies as they fit into your classroom learning needs.

This fellowship is collaborative on many levels. Our coaches function as Lead Learners. There is no sage on a stage here. While we provide ongoing coaching during the school year, we ask that participants come in teams from their school so that there is a local support network to brainstorm together, problem solve together, and navigate the inevitable bumps along the learning process. 

What you'll learn

  • How to incorporate personalized learning into your curriculum planning towards meeting common core standards
  • How to use the Design Thinking process to help you design meaningful solutions in your classroom and benefit your students' creativity, metacognition and grit
  • Tools & Technologies including woodworking, 3D printing, circuits and robotics

Fellowship Details

  • 3-day summer camp workshop Aug 7-9, 2018, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Shadow days at Hudson Lab School
  • Monthly video coaching during school year
  • Acquire 30 CTLE Hours
  • Cost: $1500/person

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to


Meet the Coaches

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Christine Boyer

Christine is an elementary school teacher with boundless energy and an infectious passion for everything maker-related. In her 23 years of teaching, Christine has cultivated a maker culture at her school Heathcote Elementary in Scarsdale by bringing teachers, parents and the community together. She has inspired and engaged her students through project-based learning, making, design thinking, curriculum hacking, student choice and a “20% time” policy which empowers students to be more creative and innovative. An innovation trailblazer, Christine launched a wildly popular makerspace at her school and is collaborating with colleagues across grade levels to design lessons that seamlessly integrate into existing curriculum. Christine is a founding member and co-chair of HExpo (Heathcote Expo), an extraordinary Makerfaire offering multiple hands-on STEAM oriented workshops to elementary students. Now in its fourth year, this one-day event has attracted over 220 children and their families!


Liz Gallo

The founder of WhyMaker, Liz is a trained Technology and Engineering Educator. She has a passion for helping students become problem solvers and design thinkers. Liz has been teaching for over 10 years. In this time Liz has built multiple makerspaces in schools. Liz has also consulted on the development of STEM programs and makerspaces throughout NYS. Understanding that students are begging for spaces to design, build and create; Liz is great at taking the perspective of the students to give your students what they are asking for. Building a safe, appropriate and inviting space will help your school and your students be on the cutting edge of the changes happening to education. Liz is currently serving as President of the New York State Technology and Engineering Educators Association. In this role she manages outreach and networking opportunities for all Technology and Engineering educators in NYS.


Shira Leibowitz

Shira Leibowitz is an American educator with extensive experience leading independent schools. She is founding Lower School Director of Portfolio School, a K-12 network of micro-schools dedicated to interdisciplinary project-based learning and creative problem solving. Known in North America as an instructional coach for teachers and principals, she has been at the forefront of utilizing Twitter and on-line distance learning for educators. She has presented at Jeff Pulver's #140 conferences on education and social media. Shira holds a Ph.D in education and a rabbinical degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America as well as a B.A. Magna Cum Laude and With Distinction in All Subjects from Cornell University. She is co-moderator of #educoach, a Twitter chat dedicated to the topic of instructional coaching. Shira is a speaker and writer on educational topics with particular interest in instructional coaching and character and values education.


Cate Han

Cate is the founder of Hudson Lab School. She has helped startups raise over $100M in early stage capital and mentored entrepreneurs in strategic planning, fundraising and practical problem solving using the Design Thinking process. Cate began her career as a Quantitative Analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, she co-founded Launch Collective, and she set up and managed the finances for Managed by Q. Cate is a Chartered Financial Analyst. She earned an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from Barnard College. Cate was inspired by Bayswater Maria Montessori School, Little Leaf Forest School and Portfolio School. She enjoys spending time with her family, surfing and watching TED talks.