Middle School

Hudson Lab School gives middle schoolers the confidence that they possess within them the power to make great change in the world given enough diligence, grit and creativity. We take smart kids who know how to “do” school, and we challenge them to think by transferring knowledge and skills to real-world problems with an understanding of a problem’s context and underlying structure. At Hudson Lab School, middle schoolers grasp and apply difficult academic content and concepts because our instructional practices and learning environments reflect what we know about how people actually learn.


What Your Middle Schooler Needs

1 Rigorous thinking
While our brains don’t process information like computers, we have been taught math with algorithms, history with dates and events, and science with facts and figures. Information is no longer the key to learning. It is the comprehension of the principles that organize, guide, and explain content and skills. “True learning” is demonstrated when students can recognize how their knowledge is relevant and applied effectively to a new context. Rigorous thinking occurs when students connect dots through deeper relationships, shared functions, or similar organizing principles. With a strong conceptual framework (rather than memorized facts), students can recognize contexts operating through similar concepts and arrange knowledge as more functional parts of a whole. They integrate new knowledge into knowledge they already have and begin to think more independently, recognizing both the details and broad strokes of what they’re studying.
2 Active learning
We all learn at different rates, yet our brain demands novelty if it’s going to stay engaged. While many schools teach to the class average, our amazingly talented educators provide differentiated, active learning opportunities that are rigorous and relevant. With our small class sizes, our educators know where students are in their learning and how each student is optimally challenged.
3 Self-awareness
As young adolescents, middle schoolers are going through extraordinary transformation. Their brains are rewiring, they are making sense of their life stories thus far, and they are imagining the possibilities for their futures. A good learning environment capitalizes on students’ interests and good educators scaffold learning for students to rejoice in their newfound cognitive abilities and identity formation.
4 A mentor
Middle school students with a caring, supportive and trusting relationship with an advisor learn better because their brains are more responsive and open to learning. Our one-on-one student mentorship program creates a safe space for students to become accountable for their actions and learn how to advocate for themselves.
5 Social skills & life skills
Middle schoolers are exploding with curiosity about themselves, each other, and the world around them. When students feel that they belong and are accepted in academic environments, they are more motivated, successful, and happy. At Hudson Lab School, we intentionally teach social, emotional, and cognitive skills so that students learn how to resolve conflicts and work in teams, recognize and manage emotions, weigh evidence and problem solve, and plan and manage their time. We recognize adolescents’ integrated needs and create culturally sensitive learning environments.
6 The Right Amount of Responsibility
Emerging cognitive capacities allow middle schoolers to develop goals and identities; build critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills; and take responsibility for their own education. Only by practicing planning, decision making, and adaptability can students develop the skills and dispositions necessary to embrace the rigors of high school and college, and design and build a life in which they can thrive. At Hudson Lab School, we create opportunities for student success by assigning the right amount of responsibility for each student.

Why Hudson Lab Middle School

Our bright children deserve more. They deserve to understand what they are learning, why they are learning and how they learn best. They deserve to know their passions and interests, and they deserve creative teaching that engages their curiosity and capitalizes on their innate capabilities.

Hudson Lab Middle School prepares children to thrive in today’s knowledge-based economy with an academic environment that fosters growth mindsets and embraces mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn rather than risks to avoid. Adolescent mindsets do not develop in isolation, so choosing the right learning environment is critical to shaping your child’s mindset.


Profile of a Hudson Lab Middle School Graduate

  • Confident, resilient and innovative problem-solver

  • Courageous and ethical leader

  • Thoughtful collaborator and responsible community member

  • Adaptable, self-aware, lifelong learner

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So many students have perfect GPAs and test scores. The college applicants who stand out are self-aware. They have the confidence to pursue their interests and find their own unique ways to improve the world.

— Scarsdale High School Educator