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Meet our incoming Head of School Mara Pauker

Come meet Hudson Lab School's incoming Head of School Mara Pauker. 

Mara was a Founding Teacher at the Blue School in Manhattan and is currently serving as the Founding Head of School at the AltSchool Brooklyn campus. For the past four years, Mara has contributed to AltSchool Brooklyn's design and build out, established a vision, recruited teachers and students, built a school-based community, supported families, and overseen school wide pedagogy. She graduated from the University of Vermont where she focused on Early Childhood Education and has a Masters in Educational Leadership as a School Building Leader from New York University. Given her warmth, professionalism, deep knowledge of project-based learning aligned with curriculum standards, and experience building schools, Hudson Lab School is extraordinarily lucky to have Mara join our community! 

Wed, May 30th at 9 am

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Open House Webinar on June 6

Join us for our Open House webinar. From the comfort of your home, learn about Hudson Lab School, the benefits of Project-Based Learning, and why our students love school. 

Wed, June 6th at 6:30 pm