A love of learning

Every child loves learning. Every child begins with an insatiable appetite to understand how the world works. Kids' curiosity and creativity naturally lead them to learn what they like best, in a manner that best suits their learning style. At Hudson Lab School, we use project-based learning to engage students' curiosities and inspire their creativity and exploration of the world. Our students are the protagonists in their own learning with teachers serving as organizers, guides and sources of inspiration. We empower students through our focus on collaborative learning and a commitment to teaching the whole child - intellectually, socio-emotionally, and physically. We carefully balance creative and critical thinking while encouraging intellectual persistence. Rather than focus on school readiness skills, we help each student build the life skills to adapt and change and grow into the person he or she aspires to grow into.


Our Values

1 Pursue what you love and work hard.
Grit is the single largest determinant of our success.
2 Play is essential for creativity.
Play-like activities are important because they put us into a psychological state where it’s ok to fail and wonder “what if?” We are free to explore the unknown and open to spotting creative insights.
3 The journey has value unto itself.
Focusing on the process allows us to become adaptable problem solvers who can design and build frameworks to define and solve complex problems.
4 Good collaboration and communication skills are invaluable and fun.
Working well with others helps everyone to achieve more as a group and makes the process more fun.
5 Community involvement makes us all happier.
When we actively participate in our community, we feel good and learn about ourselves. Best of all, we gain more insight and respect for others, the community and the environment.
6 Self-awareness is a life skill.
Understanding ourselves and how we affect others supports a thoughtful, confident life and informs whom we want to grow into.
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It has been fun to watch my child's advancements over a fairly short period of time.

— Hudson Lab School Parent