Curious-on-Hudson & Hudson Lab School are teaming up to offer an amazing summer day camp for grades K-3. Children split their days Tinkering Outdoors, Making Indoors, and Connecting with Nature. With the freedom to fail, the time to persevere, and constraints to breed creativity and foster problem-solving, kids learn to trust themselves and their curiosity at Camp Hudson3.



May 3, 7-8:30 pM



Summer Dates and Hours

Grades K - 3
June 26 - August 11
Mon - Fri 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

  • Choose any weeks that suit
  • Early drop-off starts at 8:30 AM
  • Late pick-up ends at 5:30 PM

Daily Format: Tinkering, Making and Nature

Camp Hudson Cubed wants to cure the disease of being busy. As a society, we tend to overschedule, so for the summer we're embracing a world in which kids have the time and space to explore their interests. Grouped by age, Hudson Cubed campers spend the entire week with one of our fun and caring counselors and move among our 3 activity areas run by our expert specialists. Children collaborate on a group tinkering project and have the option of working individually or in groups in our garden, in the woods or in our air-conditioned maker space. In each of these areas, we give children the freedom to play or deep dive into learning.


Tinkering Project

In the spirit of Gever Tully’s Tinkering School in San Francisco, we spend each week on a large scale, collaborative group project. With help from Curious-on-Hudson instructors, kids discuss, ideate, design, build and test an ambitious tinkering project that captures the excitement and fun of invention. Using new, found and recycled materials, kids learn to capture their ideas and collaborate to draw up a plan. Then, using real tools and lots of grit and determination, the group brings it to life.

Maker Space

An indoor maker space gives kids a cool choice among tech and tactile activities like art, coding with SCRATCH, circuitry, woodworking, engineering projects, storytelling, reading, robotics and more. Kids will be able to design and maintain their own summer blogs, sharing their activities with friends and family. This is a space where kids can explore the things that most excite them, finding new ways to collaborate and integrate them into projects like Rube Goldberg machines, hand-made projects and interactive books.


Connecting with Nature

Camp Hudson3 takes full advantage of Andrus on Hudson’s 26 acres. We explore the wooded groves, play games in the open fields, and get down and dirty in the garden where we learn about food and sustainability. The outdoor program emphasizes a connection with the environment through daily excursions to the wide variety of outdoor play areas where our lessons take the form of seeing, touching and experiencing nature through immersive exploration of the diverse surroundings.


Running through the sprinklers in the Great Lawn at Andrus on Hudson

Running through the sprinklers in the Great Lawn at Andrus on Hudson


Summer Fees 

  • Tuition is $650 per week
  • Early drop-off costs $45 per week ($9/day)

  • Late pick-up costs $45 per week ($9/day)
  • Deposit is $500 per child and refundable through April 15 with a $50 administration fee
  • Tuition due by June 1

Busing will be available if there is enough demand. Pick-ups and drop-offs will be available at destination points in certain towns. The estimated cost of busing is $150 per week. If you form a bus group in your town, we will do our best to accommodate. Sibling Discounts apply across your family’s total tuition. 5% off for two siblings, 7% off for three siblings, and 9% off for four or more siblings.

What to Bring

  • Nutritious lunch and snack
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Closed-toe shoes (required for working with heavy and messy things)
  • Comfortable clothes that you can get really dirty in (if you want to)
  • A change of clothes (if you want to run through the sprinklers)
  • Sunscreen already applied (plus extra for later in the day)

Take a walk through one of two Weeping Beech trees at Andrus on Hudson

Take a walk through one of two Weeping Beech trees at Andrus on Hudson


Camp Hudson Cubed has amazingly gifted educators who bring creativity and excitement to learning. They bring out the best in children because they love what they're teaching. Our caring and fun counselors will stay with their group of children throughout the week, playing tag and helping children to problem solve and work together as a team.


Rich Driscoll                   Tinkering Professor

Rich is a professional woodworker and artist with experience in construction management. As a graduate of SUNY Delhi, he studied under Floyd Vogt, who (quite literally) wrote the book on carpentry. For a time he both studied and taught permaculture lifestyle and architecture in Guatemala.  As an avid camper, he travelled to Hawaii and throughout the contiguous U.S. learning how to live off the grid and working with renown artists such as Roxy Paine and Robert Buchholz.  Rich's original art incorporates a variety of materials, both natural and man-made. He is Curious-on-Hudson's woodworking instructor and shares his creative vision and love of the craft with his students.

Christine Boyer                       Maker Professor

Christine is an elementary school teacher with boundless energy and an infectious passion for everything maker-related. In her 23 years of teaching, Christine has inspired and engaged her students through project-based learning, making, design thinking, curriculum hacking, student choice and a “20% time” policy (inspired by Google’s employee policy) which empowers students to be more creative and innovative. An innovation trailblazer, Christine is a founding member of the Makerfaire HExpo and the wildly popular makerspace at Heathcote Elementary in Scarsdale.


Sarah Marino                      Nature Specialist                             



Sarah currently studies plant science at Cornell University. She interned at Stone Barns Center over four years where she studied bees, cultivated planting beds and seeding trays in the greenhouse, landscaped the property, and taught children about the farm, sustainability, agriculture and food systems. Sarah is an award-winning researcher for her study on honeybees and the Colony Collapse Disorder and one day hopes to influence communities and childhood development through landscape architecture.


Madeline Keane                     Camp Manager

Madeline graduated from Wesleyan University majoring in Art History and Italian. She was a Varsity Soccer player and had the opportunity to play soccer professionally in Sweden. Madeline has a lifetime of summer camp experience ranging from nature and art camps to math and science camps. When not running Camp Hudson Cubed, Madeline works at Prehype, a venture capital development firm that facilitates design thinking for corporate executives. Madeline is excited to combine her love of children and summer camp with her love of design thinking.



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