Robotics Class After-school For Grades K-5 In Westchester County

It’s only normal for children to express their interest in a lot of things at a young age. Thus, as a parent, it is only a must to give them a variety of choices. After seeing their potential in their early years, introducing them to the new technology is the greatest way to trigger their interest and creativity. Enrolling them into a robotics class after-school for Grades K-5 in Westchester County will expose the children to a lot of possibilities and allow them to surpass their limits. At a young age, letting them see the wonders of technology and letting them do the job themselves would serve as a great foundation of their childhood experiences. Opening them a door where they can create the things they have in mind will expose their natural strengths and endless potential.

Math, robotics, and coding after-school class for Grades K-5 will give the spotlight to children with a keen interest in solving problems systematically. It is an early stage of developing and training the little Einsteins with everything that technology could offer. These geniuses are taught to create things from their imagination. Along with that, they are expected to enhance their personal and very own skills and capabilities. From communicating and socializing to groups up to exceeding their critical thinking limits, all are offered in the robotics class after-school for Grades K-5. If you happened to live in Westchester County, this class will surely make the most out of your children’s childhood.

In Hudson Lab School, robotics class after-school for Grades K-5 will push your children to their full potential.

  • Every child is provided every material they needed to create every little thing that runs on their imaginative mind.

  • With the expert guidance of Dmitry Kupov, children are being taught about the basics of robotics, mechanical engineering, and physics through systematic and live procedures. Mathematics is also applied and used to see probable outcomes and results of each robotic experiment.

  • Projects are designed through math problems and are expected to be solved through programming robots and creating new kind of technology.

  • Master the art of leadership and management through socializing and creating a bond with other children

  • Learning how to present themselves in the crowd as they introduce their successfully-made projects and explain its features and how does it work and most of all

  • Letting them understand the root of their project and the importance of their finish product to their well-being and to the society.

Hudson Lab School is very happy to announce that classes will be available with Thursday and Friday sessions. The Thursday class will start on January 17 up to June 6. The Thursday session will meet in a total of 19 times in six months. On the other hand, Friday class will start on January 18 and will end on June 7. Friday session will meet for 17 times. Classes will be conducted every 3:30-6:00 pm.

If you are interested in enrolling your child to robotics class after-school for Grades K-5 in Westchester County do not hesitate to contact: